Bringing your digital health solution to the market: Lessons from Innovators

On 19 September 2023 the Digital Health Uptake (DHU) project held a webinar dedicated to diving-deep into the most effective methodologies and tools for the implementation and scale-up of digital health solutions in the European market.

Speakers & agenda:

  • Marc Lange & Tino Marti (EHTEL) introduced the DHU knowledge community and the #DHU radar
  • Katarzyna Markiewicz showcased how a company like PHILIPS tackles barriers to access and use of health data and AI to provide healthcare value.
  • Dalibor Frtunik (SORSIX) shared insights on digitizing the Serbian health system in just 6 months, emphasizing simplicity and clear stakeholder value as keys to success.
  • Rita Campos from (F6S) offered valuable tips and tricks for start-ups to find the right tools for bringing their solutions to market.


All speakers highlighted market obstacles: fragmentation, regulation, and scaling issues. They call on authorities to accept external evidence, align reimbursement rules, and boost SME expansion across borders.