DIGITALEUROPE is the leading trade association representing digitally transforming industries in Europe. We stand for a regulatory environment that enables businesses to grow and citizens to prosper from the use of digital technologies. We wish Europe to develop, attract and sustain world’s best digital talents and technology companies. Together with our members, we shape the industry policy positions on all relevant legislative matters and contribute to the development and implementation of relevant EU policies. Our membership represents over 45,000 businesses that operate and invest in Europe. It includes 100 corporations which are global leaders in their field of activity, as well as 41 national trade associations from across Europe.

Role in the Digital Health Uptake project

DIGITALEUROPE leads the work package on communication, dissemination and outreach. DIGITALEUROPE will support the creation of widespread awareness among the target groups and inform and engage them at different stages of the project to maximise the impact and uptake of the results. By representing digitally transforming industries in Europe, including numerous top leaders in digital innovation and medical technology, DIGITALEUROPE will also contribute to building the DHU Radar and stakeholder collaboration networks.