Digital Health Catalyst events to accelerate or facilitate a process of change

DHU offers to run a free workshop as part of your event.

Our workshops are organized as part of the main event (e.g., sessions in the programme), or pre-event sessions (e.g., tutorials) in co-operation with your programme committee. Hands-on engaging workshops and satellite matchmaking event may be also organized providing an opportunity for demand and supply actors to connect on specific requirements and solutions.

Our sessions leverage on the potential presented by a synchronous exploration of topics from the perspective of the three essential actors: the DHT demand actors (demand side), the innovators (supply side) and those that can make things happen through impactful interventions (enabling side).

What's in it for your event?

We will organise highly professional Digital Health Uptake (DHU) sessions tailored to your target audience and desired outcomes

Participants will be able to engage with industry and champions, participate in match-making activities, and direct exchanges with experts, fostering valuable connections and insightful discussions

Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to influential policy documents and calls to action, making a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape

Your event will gain exposure.
We will showcase it on the DHU website, attracting a wider audience and expanding your reach

Enjoy the incredible benefit of “Digital Health Catalyst” events being entirely free of charge, as the project covers all expenses for experts and industry champions


Please give us some information about your event and fill out the form. After we checked your request we will contact you.

  • Our services are free of charge
  • Our own experts’ expenses will be paid for by DHU
  • Rooms and catering will be provided by the main event organizer
  • Once agreed to proceed with the collaboration we will establish a formal collaboration agreement setting out a collaboration protocol