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The European DHU Radar, collects digital health resources, henceforth called practices, with a particular focus on digital health solutions. The Radar serves as a one-stop-shop catalogue of digital health solutions and services, but also strategies and policies, supporting tools, and other types of resources on the uptake of digital health practices in Europe.

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Kanker.nl Appstore: an eHealth Appstore for Dutch people affected by cancer and their relatives

Keywords: Cancer, Digital Application, Implementation, Self-Management
DHU Radar

Airbridge: Digital Lung Care

Keywords: Asthma, Digital Application, Digital Health Infrastructure, Remote Monitoring
DHU Radar

CogniLearn : Empowering Cognitive Health through Innovative Training of the ReMember-Me system

Keywords: Access to Health Data, Active and Healthy Ageing, Assisted Living, Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, Digital Health Data, Elderly, Person-Centered Technology, Quality of Care
DHU Radar

TOLIFE: Combining artificial intelligence and smart sensing toward better management and improved quality of life in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Digital Health Innovation, Sensors
DHU Radar

Responsible Robotics Compass (RoboCompass)

Keywords: AI, Assessment, Robotics
DHU Radar

Oli help | Empowering parents of kids with diverse minds (starting with suspect or diagnosed ADHD)

Keywords: ADHD, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Behavior Change, Digital Health Innovation, Paediatrics
DHU Radar

Digital Solution for Pain in Adolescents (Digital SPA)

Keywords: Digital Application, Implementation, Mental Health, Paediatrics, Pain Management
DHU Radar

Electronic Product Information – Digital Trust Ecosystem – ePI by PharmaLedger

Keywords: Citizen/Patient Portal, Digital Application, Digital Health Infrastructure, Digital Health Innovation, Digital Health Services, Digital Health Tools
DHU Radar

ACTIVAGE: IoT solution for Ageing In Place targeted to older adults living alone and their caregivers

Keywords: Active and Healthy Ageing, Assisted Living, Continuity of Care, Data Visualization, Detection
DHU Radar

A Gamified Interaction with a Humanoid Robot to explain Therapeutic Procedures in Pediatric Asthma

Keywords: Asthma, Coaching, Gamification, Paediatrics, Robotics
DHU Radar
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