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The European DHU Radar, collects digital health resources, henceforth called practices, with a particular focus on digital health solutions. The Radar serves as a one-stop-shop catalogue of digital health solutions and services, but also strategies and policies, supporting tools, and other types of resources on the uptake of digital health practices in Europe.

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Durus: Medical Telemetry Stations for remote monitoring

Keywords: Active and Assisted Living, Measurement, telecare, Telemedicine, telemonitoring

Class IDM project: solution enabling patients to better manage tzpe 2 diabetes

Keywords: Data collection, Data processing, Data visualization, Disease management, Type 2 Diabetes

CKD Integrated Care: a platform with an e-learning environment, with edu-games for the empowerment of the general population

Keywords: CKD, e-learning, edu-games, telecare

carelink+: a centralised cleint service management ICT system

Keywords: Client Service, ICT solutions, Management

Carealia: ICT solutions to dementia care for the wider public

Keywords: Dementia, ICT solutions, telemonitoring

CAMI: an active and assisted living solution for health management and wellbeing

Keywords: Active and Assisted Living, AI, Older adults

C3 Cloud: develop innovative ICT solutions to multi-morbidity

Keywords: Interoperability, Multimorbidity, Self-care

Big Data and models for personalised Head and Neck Cancer Decision support (BD2Decide)

Keywords: Big Data, Decision support, Head cancer, Neck cancer

BeyondSilos: A telemonitoring solution aimed at providing integrated and coordinated services for people living at home

Keywords: Integrated Care Records, telemonitoring

Artificial Pancreas Device System: a system of devices that mimics the glucose regulating function of a healthy pancreas.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, Glucose levels monitoring, Insulin delivery

ApneaBand: A screening solution to detect and measure sleep apnea

Keywords: Detection, Measurement, Sleep Apnea, Wearable

Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction Service (ADPS): a smartphone test to predict whether someone is likely to develop Alzheimer’s

Keywords: Alzheimer’s Disease, Early detection, Smartphone test

Momentum: a Blueprint for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice

Keywords: Assessment, Digital Health Services, Implementation, Multistakeholder, Success Factor, Telemedicine
DHU Radar

National Healthcare Information System

Keywords: Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR)
DHU Radar

TreC Diabetes and TreC Cardiology

Keywords: Digital Health Services
DHU Radar

TreC+: training meetings with the population (October 2022 – May 2023)

Keywords: Digital Health Services
DHU Radar

MANAGEMENT TRAINING RETRAINING Artificial intelligence and Big Data in healthcare

Keywords: AI
DHU Radar

CORēHealth: Operating Center of Telemedicine for Chronic Diseases and Clinical Networks of Apulia Region

Keywords: Digital Health Services
DHU Radar


Keywords: Digital Health Services
DHU Radar

BioAssist: an online platform for patient monitoring, data collection and analytics, and provision of healthcare services

Keywords: independent living, patient empowerment, telemonitoring
DHU Radar

CareCardia: holistic management of patients with heart failure

Keywords: heart failure, patient empowerment
DHU Radar

HSmartBPM: an intelligent digital clinical pathway towards the proactive management and smart monitoring of hypertension

Keywords: hypertension management, mHealth, patient-health professional communication, telemonitoring
DHU Radar

eHealthPass: state-of-the-art multifunctional data digitization and reuse platform

Keywords: health data management, patient-health professional communication
DHU Radar

DM4all: integrated mHealth management system for patients with diabetes

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, digital application, mHealth, patient empowerment, patient-health professional communication
DHU Radar

MeddyCare: digital office for health professionals

Keywords: patient-health professional communication
DHU Radar

Residenza Digitale: a smart application to manage residential healthcare facilities

Keywords: digital application, facility management
DHU Radar

ReLab: VR tele-rehabilitation solution

Keywords: telerehabilitation, Virtual Reality (VR)
DHU Radar

DiaWatch: mHealth solution for diabetes management

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, digital application, mHealth, patient empowerment, patient-health professional communication
DHU Radar