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Crisis communication

Keywords: Communication, Coordination, Cybersecurity
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Crisis communication strategies for teams implementing a digital health solutions
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This is a training on crisis communication and other communication basics. Any teams that are going through big transitions, digitalisation projects being such situations, can profit from having an awareness and a plan for crisis situations. As the first rule of crisis management states, do not wait to be in crisis to prepare. Crisis communication is a critical element for the successful implementation and scale-up of a digital health solution. Indeed, in the context of digital health, a crisis can arise from various sources such as, cybersecurity threats, data breaches, system outages or even misinformation and fake news. Effective crisis communication helps the digital health professional ensure that stakeholders are promptly and properly informed for the appropriate actions to be takes at the right time. Our proposed training program on crisis communication focuses on: – Pre-crisis preparedness and planning – Crisis management and communication – Post-crisis after action review and evaluation This is a training that can be conducted regularly with teams.
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Dr. Natalie Maroun, an international crisis management and communication consultant with over 10 years of experience in many fields and sectors, helping organisations go through transitions and crisis. The crisis communication strategies training applied specifically to the area of digitalisation was conducted twice in the past year.
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Training teams on crisis communication strategies ensures that an organization can handle crises efficiently and effectively. This preparedness is especially important in digital health projects where the stakes are high, involving sensitive health information and potentially impacting public health on a large scale. These skills are universally beneficial, ensuring that teams are well-equipped to manage not only crises but also everyday communication challenges.
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