The overall aim of Digital Health Uptake (DHU) is to facilitate the alignment of policies, strategies, instruments and activities to advance the uptake of digital health solutions and services in Europe. Three objectives underpin this:

To monitor and analyse the uptake and use of digital health and care solutions in regions, Member States and associated countries.

To create an environment of cooperation and active stakeholder contribution which facilitates regular exchanges between the demand and supply sides to foster cross-border scaling up of digital health solutions and services.

To strengthen capacity building for implementation/ uptake by identifying and qualifying relevant tools and methods, that provide guidance, stimulating mutual learning and transferring of innovative practices between regions, Member States and associated countries to foster adoption, upscaling, large-scale deployment and capacity building.

Consolidating the landscape of digital health solutions and fostering cross-border scaling up

Digital tools have become crucial to the operation of Europe’s health and care systems. DHU aims at coordinating health stakeholders to integrate digital solutions along the continuum of health and care.

To provide an up-to-date overview of digital health solutions and services in Europe, DHU will set up a Radar to collect, analyse and  monitor continuously the potential of technological innovation and the uptake of digital health solutions. In addition, DHU will foster further knowledge exchange among health authorities and involved stakeholders, leading to new partnerships and collaboration.

Supporting actual adoption and scaling up of digital health solutions and practices

DHU will offer comprehensive support to accelerate the sustainable adoption, use and scaling up of digital solutions. Concrete services will include twinning activities between organisations, regions and countries; the provision of technical assistance and training to use scaling-up tools; and the expansion of the digital health ecosystem. DHU will also play an essential role in building capacity and skills for all stakeholders – from patients to healthcare professionals, and to health managers, innovators, and policy makers – to enhance their ability to be an active and informed part of an inclusive and trust-based digital transformation of health and care.