European Digital Health Uptake (DHU) Radar

The European DHU Radar, hereafter called “Radar”, is a unique platform that enables you to discover and learn about digital health innovations in Europe, their adoption and success, publish your own innovations and experiences, and connect with owners and users of digital health innovations.

Discover different practices, such as digital health solutions and services, national and regional policies and strategies, business models for digital health products or services, supporting tools and methodologies for upscaling digital health solutions, and more.

  • Browse a growing collection of successful practices
  • to find the aspect you are looking for (e.g., filter by practice type, maturity, country)
  • Find at-a-glance information per practice (e.g. title and owner, short description, evidence of the practice’s impact, maturity, country and language coverage)

Publish your own practice  so that you can communicate it to interested adopters or inform the digital health community about your experiences.

  • For suppliers of a practice: share your practice and identify peers or customers  interested in adopting it
  • For adopters of a practice: find out if the practice fits your needs, connect with the publisher to explore adoption opportunities
  • Easy to use publication template capturing a minimum necessary set of information per practice and a possibility for additional  information to make presentation of your practice more detailed.
  • Update your practice periodically and help DHU keep track of digital health developments

Learn about other practices and how to apply them through the Radar’s frequent showcases and spotlights.

  • Showcase published practices, analytic reports and case studies
  • Gain access to digital health resources successfully used by others

Connect with like-minded digital health enthusiasts to exchange ideas and knowledge or build collaborations and partnerships.

  • Connect with other supply and demand digital health innovators, exchange experiences and success strategies
  • Establish partnerships and pursue common opportunities, such as participating in the Digital Health Uptake twinnings

The Radar is powered by DHU, an initiative funded by the European Commission and implemented by a consortium of organisations

The Radar platform has three main building blocks:

Radar Repository

Enables the discovery of practices through browsing. Registered users can publish a practice, which is featured on the repository. At the moment, the Radar is targeting digital health related practices originating in Europe.

Radar Analytics

Periodically the DHU consortium will analyse a subset of the published practices – those that have a maturity level sufficient for scaling up to other parts of Europe, in line with one of the key objectives of DHU. The cross-practice analyses will focus on providing an overview of the topics addressed, their reported impact, common barriers and success factors for uptake, and other aspects. The outcome of the periodic analyses will be in the form of reports.

Radar Spotlights

Regular releases of interesting information – showcasing newly published practices, analytics reports, and others. Make sure to follow DHU via its newsletter and social media (LinkedIn, Twitter).

What makes the Radar special?

The DHU consortium has collectively been active on the European digital health research and implementation arena for over 35 years. Yet, we are not aware of any one single comprehensive platform for tracking and sharing insights from the uptake of digital health across Europe. Various initiatives and repositories do exist, but they often look at specific aspects of digital innovation, such as the EU Innovation Radar Platform (focused on outcomes of EU-funded research and innovation projects). Other repositories are privately owned and available only to paying members.

The Radar is an open initiative, inclusive to a wide variety of digital health practices. Apart from displaying published practices, DHU will conduct analyses to extract useful information for the benefit of the digital health community in Europe. Such insights, as well as fostering partnerships, collaboration and upscaling, will be applied in other synergetic areas of the DHU initiative. Whenever possible, the DHU consortium will work with owners of existing relevant repositories to explore how they can be connected for the benefit of the community.