Executive Digests

DHU Executive Digests provide a crisp distillation of targeted, trusted and timely information on current and emerging topics of significance for adoption and uptake.

These are developed by one or more authors and are reviewed and tested for their value by members of the community they address, as part of our pre-publication process. They provide an overview of the current focus of policy, legislation, standards, emerging practices, tools etc, relevant to the topic and the implications and appropriate actions to be taken by developers, enablers, payers, procurers and/or end users of digital health solutions. Short description of each of the interventions –  legislative, regulatory, policy or standardisation instruments, good practices, digital health programmes, tools – is also provided.

Are you interested in authoring a digest with us or would you like to see a digest on a specific topic relating to digital health research and innovation, health and care delivery models, policies and markets? Contact us  by email and indicate your area of interest.