The DHU initiative aims to collaborate with synergy projects and initiatives creating unique opportunities to leverage their strengths and expertise towards achieving common goals in the health and care transformation sector. We highlight the collaborative efforts of diverse stakeholders working together to improve healthcare outcomes through innovative digital health solutions and transforming health and care systems. DHU recognised the importance of bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders and projects. Through fostering synergies, the DHU initiatives demonstrates its commitment to promoting collaboration, innovation, and creativity in the development and implementation of digital health solutions in Europe. We invite you to explore our synergy projects and learn about the exciting work being done to transform healthcare delivery.

Futurium – Active and Healthy Living in the Digital World

Smart Health Innovation & Future Technologies (SHIFT) Hub

European Partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS)

ScanBalt BioRegion

iPROLEPSIS project

ENTRUST project


SIRENE project

SEURO project