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The European Partnership on transforming health and care systems (THCS) is a Cofund action under the Horizon Europe Programme designed to support coordinated national and regional research and innovation programmes along with capacity building, networking , dissemination
and other key activities to support health and care systems transformation.

THCS core activity is the fund of research and innovation projects through joint transnational calls involving a large number of Research and Innovation Funding Organisations on common priorities and topics.

THCS’ vision and objectives are:

  • High-quality, fairly accessible, sustainable, efficient, resilient and inclusive health and care systems for all
  • increased funding opportunities and strengthen the research and innovation community
  • fill the knowledge gap
  • increase the ability to implement innovation
  • intensify cooperation among countries and beyond healthcare
  • increase stakeholders’ involvement

THCS synergies span across different Work Packages:

WP3: Strategic Relationship and Impact maximisation activities

Workpackage 3 will create synergies at EU and International level with relevant initiatives to avoid duplications and overlaps and ensure added value between programmes and instruments surrounding the transformation of health and care systems.

Key initiatives will be involved through the THCS Ambassador network and, based on common interests and goals, will be called to develop joint frameworks of collaboration for the definition of potential joint activities to be co-organised (i.e workshops, training, consultations

Key strategic initiatives will also be involved in the consultation processes for the update of the THCS Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda as well as in the activities that will be organized to pave the way towards alignment of priorities for health and care systems transformation in a long term perspective.

WP9: Strengthening ecosystems

Workpackage 9 of the THCS partnership puts the focus on strengthening ecosystems by:

  • Developing a common strategy among all relevant stakeholders to support implementation and scale-up actions in an ecosystem approach.
  • Setting up communication and collaboration activities so that the needs and wishes of the stakeholders are elaborated on and reflected in RDI projects and transformation of the health and care systems is accelerated.
  • Sharing successes and other experiences at European level, in order to inspire and encourage processes at national, regional and local levels.

WP10: Knowledge Hub to support the transferability of good practices

THCS Knowledge Hub will be a community driven online platform with the ambition to maximise the value of the existing evidence, knowledge, and experience in transforming health and care systems by:

  • Facilitating understanding of local readiness, needs and priorities for the adoption and
    scaling- up of good practices enabling the transformation of health and social care systems.
  • Improving access to readily available evidence, experience and expertise on transformation of health and social care systems.
  • Co-designing personalised support for those seeking support to prepare the ground for transition and/or improve existing health and social care system design for by facilitating tailored knowledge transfer and capacity building activities.
  • Utilising outcomes of knowledge transfer and capacity building activities to inform the progress in transforming health and social care systems that is tailored to the local context, maturity and aspirations of European regions and organisations.

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