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DHU and iPROLEPSIS are committed to mutually supporting each other’s activities. 


iPROLEPSIS is a cutting-edge initiative dedicated to advancing personalised digital care solutions for people with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). The goal of iPROLEPSIS is to introduce a novel ecosystem that involves Real World Data (RWD) collection mechanisms, including IoT sensing technologies and a mobile application. iPROLEPSIS aims to propose personalised treatments, assisting doctors, caregivers, and hospitals towards the optimal management of PsA. Finally, through xAI techniques, iPROLEPSIS seeks to facilitate hospitals and policy makers with new insights towards better clinical practices, thus shaping future PsA treatment policies.


iPROLEPSIS and DHU have agreed to promote each other’s achievements via social media, and disseminate relevant events and results. iPROLEPSIS will register their model and apps in the DHU RADAR to boost their outreach, visibility and future uptake whilst DHU will help iPROLEPSIS with B2B and B2C relations.  

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