Digital4AHL example

Fututrium is a platform dedicated to Europeans discussing EU policies. Initially developed for digital topics, the platform now has many groups relating to topics relevant for the European Union. These groups can be browsed and, once registered, likes, posts and comments can be left.

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) recently took over the management of the Active and Healthy Living in the Digital World (Digital4AHL) group. This group aims to provide an information and communication hub for European citizens, innovators, patients, health and care providers, researchers and policy makers on topics such as research and innovation, deployment, as well as exchange and dissemination of best practices, innovative solutions, scientific collaboration and policies related to active and healthy living with digital solutions. The DHU Consortium is looking forward to support the growth of the Digital4AHL community!

Check out the Digital4AHL group on the Futurium Platform, LinkedIn and Twitter below!