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DHU is looking forward to collaborating with the ENTRUST project.

The EU-funded ENTRUST project will seek to tackle the lack of cybersecurity implementations in connected medical devices without limiting their wide applicability. The proposed trust management architecture will dynamically and holistically manage the lifecycle of connected medical devices, strengthening trust and privacy in the entire medical ecosystem. This includes formally verified trust models, risk assessment processes, secure lifecycle procedures, security policies, technical recommendations and real-time conformity certificates. The added value and effectiveness of the ENTRUST Trust Management Framework will be validated and evaluated in four real-world use cases ranging from wearable and medical devices used for remote patient monitoring to high-end stationery equipment used in hospitals and clinics.

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Unlocking Trust in Medical Devices: ENTRUST’s Innovative Solutions!

At ENTRUST, we aim to ensure end-to-end trust management for medical devices and elevate trust & privacy across the entire medical ecosystem. Our breakthrough solutions go beyond traditional cybersecurity measures by incorporating formally verified trust models, a risk assessment process, secure lifecycle procedures, comprehensive security policies, technical recommendations and a groundbreaking real-time Conformity Certificate. This commitment to innovation ensures that connected medical devices are not only secure but flexible, adapting to evolving cybersecurity challenges. 

In our most recent updates, a collaborative approach has been instrumental in shaping the initial architecture. Thorough analysis has been the cornerstone of identifying CMD device security standards, paving the way for comprehensive solutions. Key advancements involve formalizing trust models, cryptographic mechanisms, and security protocols, providing robust security throughout the device lifecycle. The project’s focus extends to creating a customizable TC-based middleware, delving into blockchain design, and advancing Smart Contracts. Ongoing research in security enablers, trust-aware mechanisms, and CMD Evidence Monitoring Collection is overcoming challenges and elevating security measures. 

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ENTRUST interviews the Digital Health Uptake project


Initiatives like ENTRUST and DHU aim to improve healthcare by addressing risks and providing secure, affordable, and efficient digital solutions. Collaboration and overcoming challenges in digital health can lead to better prevention, personalized treatments, and improved quality of life, especially in home and community settings.

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ENTRUST interview