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The European DHU Radar, collects digital health resources, henceforth called practices, with a particular focus on digital health solutions. The Radar serves as a one-stop-shop catalogue of digital health solutions and services, but also strategies and policies, supporting tools, and other types of resources on the uptake of digital health practices in Europe.

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SCIROCCO Exchange Maturity Model for Integrated Care

Keywords: Assessment, Care Plans and Planning, Continuity of Care, Digital Health Infrastructure, Integrated Care
DHU Radar

Gamifying epidemiology education with the EpiPlay application

Keywords: Digital Application, eLearning, Gamification
DHU Radar

RRD (Rare Disease discovery) accelerates the triage of patients with rare diseases.

Keywords: Clinical Data, Diagnostics, Disease Management, Early Diagnosis
DHU Radar

The technological solution to smoking cessation programs, T-Control.

Keywords: Care Plans and Planning, Digital Application, Remote Monitoring
DHU Radar

Framework of Factors That Affect the Uptake of Digital Therapeutics Within Health Systems

Keywords: Demand-driven Innovation, Digital Health Infrastructure, Health System, Implementation, Person-Centered Technology
DHU Radar

DermatoApp, an app of different dermatologic conditions for medical students.

Keywords: (Clinical) Decision Support Services, Diagnostics, Digital Application, Early Diagnosis
DHU Radar

Innovative rehabilitation therapy for Parkinson’s patients.

Keywords: Cognitive Therapy, Parkinson’s Disease, Patient Engagement, Sensors, Treatment
DHU Radar

ENTRUST: Ensuring Secure & Safe Connected Medical Devices Design with Zero Trust Principles

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Data Protection Policies, Digital Health Infrastructure, Digital Health Services, Digital Health Tools, FAIR data management, Health Information Systems, Medical Device
DHU Radar

Machine Learning for Clinical Management – efficiency and better care

Keywords: Chronic Diseases, Data Analysis, Quality of Care, Resources, Risk Stratification
DHU Radar

diAnoia: An app for carers of people with early stage dementia

Keywords: Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Digital Application, Digital Health Tools
DHU Radar