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The European DHU Radar, collects digital health resources, henceforth called practices, with a particular focus on digital health solutions. The Radar serves as a one-stop-shop catalogue of digital health solutions and services, but also strategies and policies, supporting tools, and other types of resources on the uptake of digital health practices in Europe.

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Personalised Remote Monitoring and Guiding of Obesity Patients with IoT Devices

Keywords: Clinical Data, Healthcare Delivery, Medical Device, Telecare, Telehealth, Telemonitoring
DHU Radar

SET – We make chronic pain patients pain-free using a neuromodulation device and behavioral therapy without medication, surgery, implants, or cannabis.

Keywords: Behavior Change, Chronic Diseases, Covid-19, Pain Management
DHU Radar

PrediSurge: Digital Twin Software Solution for Cardiovascular Interventions

Keywords: Digital Health Innovation, Digital Health Tools
DHU Radar

LifeChamps: A Collective Intelligent Platform To Support Cancer Champions

Keywords: (Clinical) Decision Support Services, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cancer, Data Processing
DHU Radar

IMMERSE: Implementing Mobile MEntal health Recording Strategy for Europe

Keywords: (Clinical) Decision Support Services, Assessment, Digital Health Tools, Experience Sampling, Health Information Systems
DHU Radar

Adaptive Control of Hannes Prosthetic Device

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
DHU Radar

smart ambulance

Keywords: Cardiology
DHU Radar

MCI and Emergency Rescue in Populated Area

Keywords: Alarms/Reminders
DHU Radar

Remote proctoring

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cardiology, Telemedicine
DHU Radar

CLASSICA Validating AI in Classifying Cancer in Real-Time Surgery

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cancer, Clinical Data, Training
DHU Radar