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European Health Telematics Association

EHTEL (the European Health Telematics Association) is a unique pan-European multidisciplinary stakeholder platform, bringing together organisations and individuals engaged in all aspects of eHealth.
EHTEL’s distinctive structure enables the exchange of ideas, opportunities and knowledge with a community of 6,000 digital health and care experts and innovators. It does this through working group meetings, webinars and projects, leading to innovation in the delivery of eHealth solutions and the digital transformation of health and social care. Located in the heart of Europe, the association is well placed to bring together the voices of European stakeholder groups and provide concrete insights into European policy.

EHTEL adds value to digital health by identifying topics and opportunities for engagement for its members and creating synergies between them, as well as building relationships between European projects, Digital Innovation Hubs and Reference Repositories.
EHTEL collaborates closely with European associations representing hospitals, health insurers, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, patients and citizens, as well as with professional associations dedicated to the quality and certification of care processes and eHealth services.

Role in the Digital Health Uptake project

EHTEL is leading WP4 Accelerator – support to implementation and scaling up that aims at identifying and qualifying relevant tools to support uptake and scaling up of digital health solutions in health and care. This includes a twinning programme, the provision of technical assistance, and training and the expansion of digital health ecosystems, undertaken in collaboration with RSCN and ECHA. EHTEL also plays an intensive role in communication, dissemination and outreach through its own multidisciplinary stakeholder platform.