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The European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data

The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is a European, not-for-profit and neutral organisation facilitating the optimal (re-)use of health data to accelerate research and improve healthcare. In order to maximise the potential of health data, with respect to the citizen, i~HD collaborates with all stakeholders through six core streams:

  • Quality of Health Data
  • Information Governance
  • Trustworthy Health ICT Systems
  • Data Interoperability Standards
  • Quality Labels: Certificates & Seals
  • Scaling-up the Health Ecosystem

To achieve these goals, i~HD’s activities include:

  • Working across stakeholders through education and conferences to promote collaboration
  • Playing a strong role in national and international Research & Development projects and European-wide collaborative initiatives
  • Developing practical methods and solutions
  • Developing international quality certificates, seals and labels

Role in the Digital Health Uptake project

i~HD leads an activity to analyse and synthesise the learnings about adopting and benefitting from digital health innovations from across Europe, and leads a work package to build a knowledge-sharing digital health community, and sustaining this after the project. In order to achieve this i~HD will map the innovative adoptions of digital health from across Europe (identified by other project partners) into a catalogue that enables European stakeholders to search for a number of items. They include successes in particular countries or disease areas, challenges that have been successfully tackled, solutions that are being shared and evidence such as demonstrated health outcome improvements and evidence of health economic value. The sustainable community will include developers of digital innovations, and health systems that will licence, purchase or reimburse their use, as well as health professionals and patients who will use the actual solutions and experience the value that they offer.