Digital Health Uptake ensures that the European Commission’s priorities continue 

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) is a new initiative by the European Commission which is implemented by an international consortium of seven partners representing research organisations, businesses as well as intergovernmental and multistakeholder associations at EU, national and regional level. It builds on and complements the work and results achieved in previous initiatives of the European Commission, most notably the Digital Health Europe (DHE) initiative.

DHU acknowledges the progress in Europe with regards to fostering digital transformation of health and care and supporting the uptake of digital solutions. It therefore builds on good foundations in the form of different initiatives at EU level that are complementary to the work of DHU.
The most relevant initiative that is synergetic to DHU is the Digital Health Europe (DHE) initiative. DHE was focused on two main areas: supporting large-scale deployment of digital solutions for person-centred care, and fostering stakeholder collaboration via multi-stakeholder communities.

Five of the DHU’s consortium members were also involved in DHE, ensuring that various outcomes of this project can be considered for the work of DHU and in some cases taken forward.

Key DHE outcomes and results

General video about DHE and its achievements

European Commission brochure: Connected for a healthy future (developed by DHE)

Catalogue of digital solutions for person-centred integrated care

Capacity building DHE knowledge tree

Interoperability standards portal (powered by the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data- IHD]

25 twinning activities (knowledge exchange) with participation of 76 organisations from 20 countries

Several whitepapers and roadmaps

Results from the Digital Health Europe Summit

More outcomes and results of DHE can be found on its website.