Digital Health Uptake launches its website to support the access to digital health and care solutions in Europe​

DHU Website launch

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) announces the launch of its official website today: The website will serve as a platform for DHU to share information about its mission, goals, and outcomes. It will feature a range of resources, news and events for those interested in digital health, including the project’s progress, outcomes and stakeholder engagement activities, as well as information on the latest developments in the field. Later on, visitors to the website will be able to find the DHU radar, a tool for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring digital health resources and solutions in Europe. 

The DHU project, funded by the European Commission under the Digital Europe Programme, is a 2-year effort to unlock the full potential of digital health and care solutions. Led by an international consortium of seven partners, the project will evaluate the current state of digital health solutions in Europe, pinpoint opportunities and barriers, and engage with stakeholders to propose strategies. Through different actions, including the launch of the website, the project will provide information, support, and training to accelerate the adoption and use of digital health solutions.  

The website is designed to be user-friendly, with an easy-to-use navigation menu and up-to-date information. It is also mobile-friendly, allowing visitors to access the website from their smartphones or tablets. 

The DHU consortium invites visitors to explore the website and learn more about its objectives and activities. The website will be updated regularly with new information and resources, so be sure to check back often.