AHL – Napoli 2023: Scaling-up digital solutions for active and healthy living

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Federico II University, Naples in association with the RSCN and several international and national partners are organising a major conference, AHL Napoli 2023, from 13th to 15th November 2023. The theme of the Conference is: “Scaling-up digital solutions for active and healthy living: Implementing across scientific disciplines, industrial sectors and scenarios” The event will be held at the Unina Congress Centre, Scampia, Naples: https://www.ahlnapoli2023.it/. There will also be a facility for online participation for anyone not able to join the conference in person.

The focus of this conference is to facilitate the adoption and implementation of the emerging strategic drivers for health and care transformation, through knowledge sharing on use cases and scenarios that are characterised by a strong interdisciplinary, inter-organizational approach to health, and provide opportunities for sustainable development across industrial sectors.

The conference will allow participants to: hear first-hand the insights from experts in Active and Healthy Living; meet with others from across Europe working in the field of Active and Healthy Living; and become familiar with digital health and care technologies supporting active and healthy living.

DHU hybrid session: “Scaling up Digital Health for care continuity” 

This DHU Catalyst session will address an audience primarily of healthcare professionals and policymakers at the national level and extend to international audiences through the participation of RSCN members and online participants.

Its focus is on scaling up DH solutions to support prevention, risk assessment, early identification and
management of chronic conditions, also facilitating care continuity and service integration.
It will explore how certain national, regional and local digitally enabled health programmes have successfully scaled up, resulting in delivering value to patients, health professionals, health systems and the innovators’ market. The outcomes from this will help develop exemplary, case-study-targeted activities, for broader replication.

Agenda: 14 November
[9:30] Scaling up Digital Health
  • Introduction by the chairs – Why a DHU catalyst session?
  • Governance for deploying DH programs at regional level
    Giovanni Gorgoni, ARESS Puglia & RS
  • Opportunities in deploying telemedicine programmes – experience from Ethiopia.
    Kamil Shemsu Siraj
  • Procuring DH solutions in the Hospital.
    Antonietta Perrone, Ing. Edoardo Ciardiello AOU Federico II – Naples
[10:05] Round table: overcoming bottlenecks to the uptake of digital solutions
  • Clinicians’ role in scaling up
    Theodore Vontetsianos, Municipality of Athens, Greece
  • Industry models for scaling up
    Gaetano Cafiero, Keylon
  • Service integration viewpoint
    Leopoldo Angrisani, DIETI, University of Naples Federico II, Naples
  • Labelling and certification
    Petra Hoogendoorn, Leiden University
  • GP community perspective
    Luigi Sparano, Ordine dei Medici di Napol
[10:45] Coffee break
[11:00] How does DHU help me?

Objectives: How can the RADAR, and DHU services help? Service offering

  • RADAR, Strahil Birov
  • Tools, support, Marc Lange
  • Twinnings, John Farrell
  • Events, Zoi Kolitsi

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November 13, 2023


November 15, 2023


Unina Congress Center Scampia – Naples

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