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Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024

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Radical Steps for Healthy Future

Our healthcare system is in crisis. Aging population, pandemics, mental health problems, shortage of professionals, siloed information. These are just a few of the reasons why European healthcare is slowly collapsing – unless we act now.

Radical Health Festival Helsinki brings together a unique interdisciplinary community of like-minded digital healthcare visionaries aiming to revolutionize modern healthcare and make it sustainable once again. This mission is possible only by innovating new, groundbreaking concepts and technologies that challenge the conservative and ineffective methods of our current healthcare system.

Whether you are a major player in the healthcare or IT sector, a seasoned industry leader, ambitious startup, or a skilled clinician, now it’s time for you to come forward. We warmly invite you to be part of our community of progressive leaders, bold actors, innovative providers and quickly adapting users – together we can change the course.

It’s critical to be radical

Radical Health Festival Helsinki is the result of a collaborative effort from over 20 key European contributing partners including the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), Nightingale Health, the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), The International Associations of National Health Institutes (IANPHI), éditohealthECHAlliance, EHTELHealthtech Finland, and COCIR among others. Gathering their expertise as well as their audiences, the Festival is unique in delivering the highest quality content and the greatest diversity of stakeholders. Only this way can we claim to gather the ”entire” health innovation ecosystem. 

Deploying Prevention and Precision at Scale

Identifying and addressing risk factors before they develop into major health issues, delivering more personalised and efficient care, achieving better outcomes overall, optimising resource allocation and improving the sustainability of our health systems: the future of health and care lies at the intersection of prevention and precision. This is where Radical Health Festival Helsinki is digging deeper this year. It´s a paradigm shift that requires vision, leadership, change management and the critical need to be radical. The 2024 programme explores this shift through 3 carefully curated streams of content:

  • Stream 1: PEOPLE – Placing Humans at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Can we shift our focus from technology to people and place humans at the heart of digital transformation efforts?

  • Stream 2: INNOVATION – Accelerating Adoption, Keeping Up with Technology

Can we re-think innovation frameworks to accelerate the adoption and integration of cutting-edge technologies in clinical pathways?

  • Stream 3: DATA – Turning Data into Insights for Precision, Prevention and Equity

How do we turn data into insights for prevention, precision, and equity? We may not have all the answers. But Radical Health Festival Helsinki is where radical ideas take flight.



21 May 2024


23 May 2024


Helsinki, Finland

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