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The Future of Smart & Healthy Ageing: SHAPES Results, Recommendations & Reflections for an Inclusive Europe and a participative Civil Society

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DHU’s synergy project SHAPES is holding its final dialogue workshop discussing the following questions:

How can older people in Europe age better? How can the use of technology support them in social participation, in being healthy or in managing illness and disability?

The 4-year long Smart and Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems (SHAPES) project has sought to support older adults in retaining their independence and autonomy. SHAPES has created a unique and open pan-European Ecosystem including a standardised, interoperable, and scalable Platform for the integration of smart technologies. This large-scale project worked across 14 European countries with over 300 staff contributing to it. In this webinar we share our approach and some of the outcomes; and we invite leading contributors from civil society, researchers and practitioners to share their impressions and their views with us. We also ask them – What will projects like this one be doing in 10 years time? Please join us to review our work, to ask questions, to hear commentary and to SHAPE what comes next form smart and healthy ageing in Europe and beyond.

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12 September 2023


12 September 2023
1:30 pm



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