Episode 1

How can digital solutions improve healthcare in remote areas?

For the first episode of the Digital Health Uptake podcast we will discover how digital solutions can improve healthcare in remote areas.

Hosted by Jonathan Gomez-Raja (Chief Scientific Officer at FUNDESALU) and featuring guests from the University of Extremadura, this episode addresses how technology and innovation are revolutionizing healthcare access for remote populations.

Listen in as Jose Manuel García Alonso (Associate Professor at the University of Extremadura), Alicia Condon (Researcher at the University of Extremadura) and, Antonio Blanco (Researcher at the University of Extremadura) share insights into the unique challenges facing rural healthcare. From the impacts of depopulation and ageing demographics to the logistical complexities of providing quality care in isolated regions

Through projects like EuroAGE+ and dRural, discover firsthand the positive impact that digital skills and innovative healthcare solutions have, as well as the hurdles these initiatives encounter and the transformative potential they hold for remote communities.

Listen now to the Digital Health Uptake podcast and join the conversation in shaping the future of healthcare accessibility for all!