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ApneaBand: a screening solution to detect and measure sleep apnea

Keywords: Detection, Measurement, Sleep Apnea, Wearables
Airfan SAS
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Short description
ApneaBand is a medical screening solution to detect and measure sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing is periodically interrupted during sleep. The solution uses a non-intrusive, wearable device that records breathing, which is then analysed with special software. Through this project, the ApneaBand will be clinically validated and investigated for its medical effectiveness, adoption by patients and the possibilities of introducing the solution into healthcare systems. The project will assess how wider use of the band for medical monitoring can improve medical data and facilitate healthier living. Ultimately this work will strengthen the strategy for bringing this product to market. A consortium of industry, hospitals, researchers and stakeholders will demonstrate to medical staff how this wearable technology provides opportunities in addressing sleep apnea. The product will then be tested with extended monitoring applications, to show how ApneaBand provides patients and doctors with better assessment of sleep habits and screening of sleep disorders.
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French, Spanish
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