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Base Poblacional de Salud: Andalusian Health Population Database

Keywords: Access to Health Data, Administration, Data Analysis, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Information Systems
Regional Ministry of Health and Families of Andalusia
Digital solution and service (e.g. application/digital health portal/platform/AI based system/etc.)
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The Andalusian Public Healthcare System has adopted the Andalusian Health Population Database as a corporate information system. This database is a population-based Health Information System since it allows data to be collected from every individual that is part of Andalusian population (those included in the User Database of the Andalusian Public Health System). The core of the information is provided by User Database and is complemented by diagnostic information and the use of health resources from the different primary and specialized care areas. Among the administrative-clinical sources, the digital medical history of Primary Care and the hospital Minimum Basic Data Set – MBDS (hospitalization, medical and surgical day hospitals and emergencies) stand out. The use of resources, measured in different units and valued in euros, includes Primary Care and the different processes of hospital care and the consumption of pharmacy, dialysis sessions and medical transport.
Impact on the health system’s capacity and resilience (e.g., health and care efficiency, continuity of care)
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>8,822,000 users in 2017
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https://futurium.ec.europa.eu/en/active-and-healthy-living-digital-world/library/eip-aha-repository-innovative-practices, EIPonAHA Repository of innovative practices

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