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eHealthPass: state-of-the-art multifunctional data digitization and reuse platform

Keywords: Citizen/Patient Portal, Communication, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Data
Gnomon Informatics SA (Greece)
Digital solution and service (e.g. application/digital health portal/platform/AI based system/etc.)
Short description
eHealthPass is an innovative, rich patient-centered platform for family health and disease management. It provides health records’ access, information sharing with professionals, treatment planning and monitoring, emergency support, with a focus on patient consent and privacy, and alerting of any abnormal situation as it is defined by healthcare professionals. It is a mobile-enabled health solution that allows citizens to collect Medical History Data, share them with physicians, and access them
Impact on health outcomes, Economic value to health and care systems, Impact on the health system’s capacity and resilience (e.g., health and care efficiency, continuity of care), Contribution to citizen empowerment
eHealthPass offers a shared care plan that is available to the patient for everyday use. Healthcare professionals can monitor their progress remotely. Remote monitoring can become efficient when goals of care plan are not met and healthcare professionals can change the careplan to accommodate patient’s needs, thus contributing to the health outcome of the patient. Outpatient and remote monitoring help diffuse the pressure on healthcare systems, in cases patients can follow their treatment remotely and collaborate with healthcare professionals, assisting in cost control and healthcare system’s capacity. eHealthPass’s vision is to empower patients by giving them ownership to their data. eHealthPass enables privacy by design, incorporating consent mechanism and audit logging. In addition, eHealthPass offers collaborating and self-educating tools to contribute to patient empowerment regarding their health.
The practice/case/tool is “on the market” and integrated in routine use. There is proven market impact in terms of job creation/spin-off creation or other company growth
Geographical scope
English, Greek, German, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese
Provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient care and radiotherapy services approximately 50.000 users
Submitted in other database or repository of digital health resources that is publicly available

Additional information

to clinicians / care practitioners
Health data analytics (Artificial Intelligence/algorithm development and calibration/machine learning/risk stratification tools/etc.)
Care pathway tracking and adherence
Clinical team care planning and collaboration tools (e.g. digital shared care plan)
to patients / citizens
Sensors/wearable devices
Telehealth and telemedicine
Personalised prevention apps
Self-management/ICT supporting adherence to medication and care-plans
Primary target patient group (age)
May be used across all patient ages
Addressed prevention area(s)
Not applicable, Nutrition and diet, Fitness and physical activity, Education, Health screenings, Vaccination and immunisation, Mental health
Use case and care pathway positioning
Treatment, Disease monitoring, treatment compliance, self-management, Early detection and early diagnosis, precision diagnosis, Prevention and wellness, Integrated care pathways, COVID-19 monitoring and care guidance, Clinical trial data collection
eHealthPass backend services have been tested is cross-border scenarios across Europe, specifically Malta, Cyprus, Greeece and Ireland
Ready to be transferred to
The practice has been transferred in other locations, regions or national scale in the same country.
Plans for cross-border implementation
Implemented and deployed cross-border
Connectivity of the solution with regional and/or national services
eHealthPass backend services have been tested is cross-border scenarios across Europe, specifically Malta, Cyprus, Greeece and Ireland