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ENTstatistics and Eye Clinic Manager: health database systems for department tailored electronic medical records, or multicentric national or international registers.

Keywords: (Clinical) Decision Support Services, Access to Health Data, Communication, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Data
Digital solution and service (e.g. application/digital health portal/platform/AI based system/etc.)
Supporting tool and methodology for upscaling digital health solutions or services (e.g. management tool/impact assessment tool and methodology/etc.)
Short description
Innoforce Est. is co-developing with healthcare professionals from ENT (otorhinolaryngology) and Eye (Ophthalmology) specialties, tailor-made database solutions which can act as electronic patient record. Our databases can be seamlessly interconnected with the general hospital electronic health record (EHR) as output, and to specific diagnostic devices as input. The patient follow-up and management can be performed within the system without having to perform multiple data captures, diagnostics are performed as usual, using existing diagnostic devices, and data is automatically digitized, uploaded and stored inside the database for later viewing, searching or analyses. The full patient database can be queried and data can be used for research purposes to improve patient care, and different databases in different local clinics or hospitals can be connected to create highly user-friendly national registries for specific conditions or treatments (Cochlear implant registries for example). ENTs, Ophthalmologists, but also hearing aid dispensers or hearing device manufacturers can be interested to use the system to follow their patients, manage their practice, execute clinical research projects or collect post-market clinical follow-up data.
Economic value to health and care systems, Impact on the health system’s capacity and resilience (e.g., health and care efficiency, continuity of care)
The practice/case/tool is “on the market” and integrated in routine use. There is proven market impact in terms of job creation/spin-off creation or other company growth
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Australia, New-Zealand, South-Africa
Geographical scope
Yes adaptable to all EU countries, country-specific GDPR implementations can be implemented
Currently available languages: German, French, English, Danish – New Languages can easily be implemented
Large uptake in Germany and France, 10.000 users worldwide
Submitted in other database or repository of digital health resources that is publicly available

Additional information

to clinicians / care practitioners
Clinical decision support
Health data analytics (Artificial Intelligence/algorithm development and calibration/machine learning/risk stratification tools/etc.)
Care pathway tracking and adherence
Clinical team care planning and collaboration tools (e.g. digital shared care plan)
ePrescription solutions
Regional and national Electronic Health Record systems
Regional/national/local Integrated Care Record systems
Other (please define below)
National Treatment Registries / European Registries
to patients / citizens
Health data analytics (Artificial Intelligence/algorithm development and calibration/machine learning/risk stratification tools/etc.)
Other (please define below)
collection of patient related treatment outcomes / treatment adherence
Primary target patient group (age)
May be used across all patient ages
Addressed prevention area(s)
Health screenings, Other (please specify below)
Hearing healthcare and vision deficits
Use case and care pathway positioning
Treatment, Disease monitoring, treatment compliance, self-management, Early detection and early diagnosis, precision diagnosis, Integrated care pathways, Rehabilitation, Public health surveillance, tracking, Clinical trial data collection, Reuse of data for research
Ready to be transferred to
The practice has been transferred in other locations, regions or national scale in the same country.
Plans for cross-border implementation
Have been developed but not implemented