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Framework of Factors That Affect the Uptake of Digital Therapeutics Within Health Systems

Keywords: Demand-driven Innovation, Digital Health Infrastructure, Health System, Implementation, Person-Centered Technology
Dr Robin van Kessel, London School of Economics
Supporting tool and methodology for upscaling digital health solutions or services (e.g. management tool/impact assessment tool and methodology/etc.)
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This map offers a novel and comprehensive overview of the known uptake factors from both technological and human perspectives. This bridges the dichotomy of the digital health literature in which articles either focus on the technological or patient and professional perspectives, which inadvertently highlights the novelty of this review. The map is intended to be scaled and adopted by countries looking to introduce digital therapeutics in their health service portfolio, expand the proportion of their population that benefits from digital therapeutics, or extend access to digital therapeutics to excluded communities. As this map was based on a standardized set of constructs in the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research, it can support future research on and implementation endeavors of digital therapeutics. It offers policy makers, health insurers, and other change agents specific digital health–related action points to focus on in their pursuit of implementing digital therapeutics in the health care system. In doing so, it can help address the existing barriers to the uptake of digital therapeutics, harmonize digital therapeutic infrastructure across health systems, and aid researchers in analyzing health system readiness for using digital therapeutics.
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