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Keywords: Cognitive Therapy, Elderly, Neuropsychological Intervention, Rehabilitation, Virtual Reality (VR)
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GRADIOR SUITE (developed by IDES/INTRAS) allows to address the cognitive dimension through two tools: a) GRADIOR Cognitive Stimulation, a neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation system for the implementation of training and recovery programmes for higher cognitive functions in people with cognitive deficits and/or impairment; b) GRADIOR City of Memory which, based on VR, allows working the memory in highly immersive environments through more attractive and motivating ecological activities. The sensorial & emotional dimension is addressed through the GRADIOR Multisensorial tool (c). The blind clinical trial (experimental group of 54 patients & control group; duration of 18 months) showed that none of the scales/assessments used registered worsening during the 18 months of the study and cognitive abilities were preserved, a key aspect in the patient’s autonomy (the loss of cognitive capacity necessarily leads over time to a progressive loss of autonomy). The most relevant finding was the decrease in the progression of the disease, thus facilitating its stabilization. The use of GRADIOR SUITE extends generalized cognitive stimulation to a more specific personalized cognitive rehabilitation program, for which its use has spread across the cross-border territory. Even the portable version, GRADIOR CONMIGO, has been validated in the Integr@tención project and it is offered as part of the service portfolio of the Integr@tención care model. GRADIOR SUITE contributes to the development and implementation of innovative solutions to promote cognitive training, early detection of cognitive decline and provide customized intervention programmes, fostering the quality of live and well-being of older adults within the cross-border territory, contributing to the so-called Silver Economy and generating significant advances in Active and Healthy Ageing.
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some Latin American countries
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GRADIOR SUITE implemented in more than 2500 users with cognitive complaints or cognitive impairment, 30 countries around the world, 120 professionals, more than 25 years of work integrating neuropsychological advances.GRADIOR Clinico, the first version of GRADIOR SUITE was developed in 1999. During these years, GRADIOR has been evolving and integrating neuropsychological advances. In 2005, GRADIOR has been integrated in MedoraCyLTelemedicina (telematic management application on health in Castilla y Leon; SACYL-JCYL). GRADIOR has been deployed and piloted in different research projects (RESATER, INDUCT, LLM, echoBUTLER, HosmartAI…), as reference technology, promoting the technical improvement and international scale-up of the Suite. GRADIOR has received some acknowledgments (La Caixa Social Innovation Award 2018, Life Habitat Award 2020, DomusVi Awards Accésit 2021, Social Council Research Award 2022), that have promoted and fostered GRADIOR’s market strategy. Recent research in a Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI) framework, ARGOSS (2018; tele-rehabilitation platform; integrated social&health care model; JCYL).
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to clinicians / care practitioners
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Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation system
to patients / citizens
Personalised prevention apps
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Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation system
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Older adults (65+)
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Cognitive impairment
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Prevention and wellness, Rehabilitation
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