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IANUS: Electronic Medical Record

Keywords: Access to Health Data, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), ePrescription
Galician Health Service
Digital solution and service (e.g. application/digital health portal/platform/AI based system/etc.)
Short description
EMR System, tool for managing clinical information, having a single model of access to information through a web application. Through IANUS, electronic prescriptions and dispensations of all medication throughout all of the Galician Public Health System is guaranteed. All the community pharmacies are connected to IANUS for dispensations. Currently 100% of health centres and hospitals of Galicia and 100% of pharmacies are connected. The introduction of an electronic prescription service has resulted in 2 500 000 fewer visits each year by patients to their General Practitioner (GP).
The practice/case/tool is “on the market” and integrated in routine use. There is proven market impact in terms of job creation/spin-off creation or other company growth
Geographical scope
100% of health centres and hospitals of Galicia and 100% of pharmacies are connected
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Additional information

to clinicians / care practitioners
ePrescription solutions
Regional and national Electronic Health Record systems
Primary target patient group (age)
May be used across all patient ages
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Treatment, Public health surveillance, tracking
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The practice has been transferred in other locations, regions or national scale in the same country.