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Mobile Pulmonary Rehabilitation (m-PR) within the Perx Health Platform: solutions for chronic respiratory disease

Keywords: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Digital Application
Digital solution and service (e.g. application/digital health portal/platform/AI based system/etc.)
Short description
My team have developed a mobile application in Australia called mobile pulmonary rehabilitation or m-PR which has digitally enabled pulmonary rehabilitation programs in both the home and centre-based settings. This application has now been commercialised with a company called Perx Health (as the Perx-R platform) to enable scale-up and implementation opportunites. m-PR was developed in 2020 and is currently being evaluated with clinical trial methodology. Perx-R was created in 2020 and is now available for implementation. Our intended audience for Perx-R is healthcare organisations that conduct pulmonary rehabilitation progams and need to support patients with chronic respiratory disease particularly in their home environment. Perx-R consists of a patient facing app and a clinican based web portal. The technology supports remote patient monitoring with symptom monitoring and physical activity monitoring, medication adherence, delivery of an individualised exercise program following face to face assessment, education videos as per standard pulmonary rehabilitation, health goal setting, health notifications, motivation/engagement built-in to the technology and many more features to support patients. There is a cost to licensing the Perx-R software with Perx Health.
Impact on health outcomes
The practice/case/tool is “on the market” and integrated in routine use. There is proven market impact in terms of job creation/spin-off creation or other company growth
the m-PR app is the prototype in research, the Perx-R application is “on the market”.
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Geographical scope
Currently local health districts in Australia are piloting the Perx-R version
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to clinicians / care practitioners
Care pathway tracking and adherence
to patients / citizens
Remote monitoring apps/health outcomes tracking
Sensors/wearable devices
Telehealth and telemedicine
Health promotion and wellness apps and wearables/virtual coaches
Digital tools to support health education (health literacy)/digital health literacy
Digital tools to support patient feedback and reporting of outcomes and experiences
Self-management/ICT supporting adherence to medication and care-plans
Home care
Primary target patient group (age)
Adults (25-64), Older adults (65+)
Addressed prevention area(s)
Nutrition and diet, Fitness and physical activity, Education
Use case and care pathway positioning
Treatment, Disease monitoring, treatment compliance, self-management, Rehabilitation
Ready to be transferred to
Ready for transfer, but the practice has not been transferred yet.
Plans for cross-border implementation
Are considered and will be developed in the near future