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MOBILISE: One Health laboratory for (re-)emerging infectious disease outbreaks

Keywords: (Clinical) Decision Support Services, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Mobile laboratories are becoming increasingly important in responses to remote outbreaks. Due to climate change, rising temperatures and spreading arthropod vectors (mosquitoes, ticks), emerging arboviruses (Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus, West Nile Virus, Rift Valley fever, Dengue Fever,..) are finding their way into Europe and are becoming a major public health concern. Treating only humans whilst neglecting vectors complicates control efforts. Acknowledging the interdependence of environment, human and animal health, a One Health approach is crucial to manage zoonotic outbreaks. To benchmark European mobile laboratory capacity we conducted an inventory: of 193 laboratories, 66% were civilian, 88% exclusively for human diagnostics, only 3% had BSL-4 level for (haemorrhagic) arbovirus handling, with 11% having an accredited quality management system. To close this diagnostic gap in Europe, MOBILISE will develop a novel quality assured, container-based, mobile One Health laboratory solution, to provide the first BSL4 capacity to many European countries. It will receive human/animal/environmental samples for molecular diagnostics, serology, microbiology, and host a One Health whole genome sequencing platform for pathogen discovery and epidemiological analysis. We will further develop novel rapid diagnostic tests, customized to European BSL-3/4 pathogens, and machine readable from within the BSL-4 glovebox. A novel AI-based “Emergency Operating Centre and decision support system” software will assist end-users in coordinating MOBILISE laboratory fleets across Europe and manage outbreaks in real-time. The laboratory will be field-tested by National agencies and first-responders in Austria, Romania, Greece and Africa to TRL-7. Through smart engineering a major novelty is the green laboratory design on an electric/hybrid truck platform, its energy-efficient workflows and equipment, and the use of solar and wind-energy – compliant with the European Green Deal.
Impact on health outcomes, Economic value to health and care systems, Impact on the health system’s capacity and resilience (e.g., health and care efficiency, continuity of care), Contribution to citizen empowerment
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