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The 4-Wheel Framework Model: Towards a Model for the Adoption of Person-Centred Technology in Integrated Care

Keywords: Integrated Care, Person-Centered Technology
SHAPES project
Visit the SHAPES project website: https://shapes2020.eu/
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In the SHAPES project, which is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme (GA 857159), research was developed aiming at understanding the factors that impact on the adoption, upscaling and transfer of person-centred technology in integrated care programmes across Europe. Seventeen experiences of technology adoption in care providing organisations were analysed, which resulted in a list of over 150 factors that have impacted on the success or failure of the technology uptake process. The factors were grouped in domains which, in turn, were clustered based on their importance in different phases of the technology adoption process. The resulting framework model, the 4-Wheel Framework Model, together with a self-assessment tool to identify critical factors can provide guidance to organisations that plan to make a step towards the digitalisation of their person-centred services. The factors were further prioritised by a mixed panel of different stakeholders which led to a core list of four factors and sets of recommendations for their consideration in the deployment of person-centred digital solutions in care environments.
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