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The Nevermind System: a system to empower those suffering from depression

Keywords: Depression, Mental Health, Sensors
Short description
NEVERMIND sets out to empower people who suffer from symptoms of depression related to serious somatic disease by placing them at the centre of their mental healthcare. Equipped with just a smartphone and smart sensors, patients seeking care and treatment for their mental illnesses interact with these devices that collect data about their mental and physical health, to then get effective feedback. We wish to help people reclaim their freedom, comfort, and routine by managing lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity and sleep hygiene. Each of these factor significantly in the mediation of the development, progression and treatment of depression. The NEVERMIND system will be monitored by a real-time decision support system running locally on the patient’s smartphone, predicting the severity and onset of depressive symptoms by processing physiological data, body movements, speech and the recurrence of social interactions. The data will trigger a response encouraging the patient to conduct or alter activities or lifestyle to reduce the occurrence and severity of depressive symptoms.
Impact on health outcomes
There is evidence for economic viability and/or of benefits to the target group of the practice. Further research/development is needed for routine use.
United Kingdom (please specify)
Geographical scope
French, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English
People reached: 250-999
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Additional information

to patients / citizens
Remote monitoring apps/health outcomes tracking
Sensors/wearable devices
Addressed prevention area(s)
Fitness and physical activity, Mental health
Use case and care pathway positioning
Treatment, Disease monitoring, treatment compliance, self-management, Early detection and early diagnosis, precision diagnosis, Prevention and wellness