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The technological solution to smoking cessation programs, T-Control.

Keywords: Care Plans and Planning, Digital Application, Remote Monitoring
Digital solution and service (e.g. application/digital health portal/platform/AI based system/etc.)
Short description
Smoking is a major risk factor and an increasing number of smokers are seeking medical assistance to quit their habit. In this context, there is a need to develop applications that help and manage large smoking cessation programs efficiently and economically. With this objective in mind, the “Systems Biology and Statistical Methods for Research” group has developed this efficient and free application, T-Control, which makes it easier for doctors to manage, assist and monitor people who want to quit smoking. T-Control has proven to be stable and high performing, and can be used regardless of age and gender, thus having great potential in today’s market. Finally, its wide implementation could reduce costs for the public health system, thus increasing the value of the application. TRL: TRL 6 Protection: No protection Objective: Search for funding, sale of the app, business collaboration to bring the app to the market.
Impact on health outcomes, Economic value to health and care systems, Impact on the health system’s capacity and resilience (e.g., health and care efficiency, continuity of care), Contribution to citizen empowerment
Proof of concept is available: it works in a test setting and the potential end-users are positive about the concept 
Geographical scope
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Submitted in other database or repository of digital health resources that is publicly available

Additional information

to clinicians / care practitioners
Care pathway tracking and adherence
to patients / citizens
Remote monitoring apps/health outcomes tracking
Telehealth and telemedicine
Personalised prevention apps
Primary target patient group (age)
May be used across all patient ages
Use case and care pathway positioning
Treatment, Disease monitoring, treatment compliance, self-management, Prevention and wellness
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Ready for transfer, but the practice has not been transferred yet.
Plans for cross-border implementation
Are considered and will be developed in the near future