Call for trainings

Apply by 14 June 2024

21,000 € in funding for 7 training activities

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) is offering financial support to third parties to support the implementation of technical assistance and training activities aimed at enabling training users to apply and make use of key methods and tools that support digital health implementation and scale up.

The assistance and training programme is part of DHU’s overall objective of strengthen capacity building for implementation/uptake by stimulating mutual learning between regions, Member States and countries associated with the Digital Europe Programme, under which DHU is funded.

Why should you apply to the Call for assistance and training?

Participating in the DHU Call for assistance and training comes with numerous advantages. For the trainers, they offer a platform to promote the methods and tools they own or are expert users of, capable of teaching others on how to use and apply them. For the learners that will benefit from the organised trainings, the benefits lie in obtaining knowledge about using the methods and tools to empower them to implement or scale up digital health related initiatives in their regional or national setting.

How to submit an application?

The call will be open in the period 15 April – 14 June 2024. Successful applications will be awarded grants of up to €3,000 to facilitate the implementation of training and assistance activities through a series of training sessions.

The call documents can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. The zip file contains a PDF file with instructions and a Microsoft Word form.


Your email address is stored to allow you secure access to the files. You will receive an email with a download link. By clicking below, you also agree to being contacted with relevant information about the twinning call and its results.