Enhancing Cancer Care and Frailty Management: TERCS workshop | DHU Twinnings

TERCS: Twinning for Elderly Cancer Survivors is one of the 8 selected DHU Twinnings, between Greece and Romania.
The TERCS workshop convened participants from the Lab of Medical Physics and Digital Innovation at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the Institute of Oncology Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta (IOCN) in Romania. Aimed at facilitating the transfer of know-how and technology, the workshop focused on introducing and adapting the LifeChamps solution for cancer care in the Romanian context. Key outcomes included the identification of implementation challenges, formulation of focus group plans, and initiation of collaborative efforts between the originator and adopter teams.

🎯 Objectives: The workshop aimed to introduce the LifeChamps solution to IOCN, fostering collaboration between the originator, AUTH, and the adopter, IOCN. Participants sought to understand the potential of LifeChamps in improving cancer care in Romania and strategize its adaptation and implementation

📚 Structure of the workshop: The workshop commenced with presentations by AUTH technical and clinical staff, providing an overview of the iMedPhys lab, IOCN’s health center, and the TERCS twinning action. Interactive sessions followed, including hands-on demonstrations of the LifeChamps solution and discussions on its adaptation to the Romanian healthcare ecosystem. Q&A sessions facilitated dialogue on practical implementation aspects and ethical considerations.

💡 Participant Insights: Participants shared their experiences and perspectives on implementing LifeChamps in Romania, highlighting challenges such as cultural differences and logistical complexities. Lessons learned included the importance of engaging healthcare professionals and patients in the adaptation process and addressing ethical and GDPR-related requirements.

🔎 Outcomes: The workshop resulted in the formulation of focus group plans to gather insights from Romanian clinicians, healthcare and IT managers, patients, and caregivers. Action points were identified, including sharing focus group discussion plans, providing access to the LifeChamps mobile app and dashboard, supporting documentation composing, translating resources, and reviewing the solution suitability in the local context. Key outcomes included enhanced understanding of implementation challenges and the initiation of collaborative efforts to address them.

🚀 Future Implications: The workshop lays the foundation for future initiatives aimed at improving cancer care in Romania through technology transfer and collaborative partnerships. By addressing implementation challenges and soliciting stakeholder feedback, the workshop paves the way for the successful adoption and utilization of the LifeChamps solution in the Romanian healthcare system.