Our news regularly reports on the progress and results of the Digital Health Uptake (DHU) project.
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DHU Radar mockup
The European DHU Radar launches a new platform designed to promote the adoption and success of digital health innovations in Europe. […]
DHU Website launch
Digital Health Uptake launches its website to support the access to digital health and care solutions in Europe​ Digital Health Uptake (DHU) announces the launch of its official website […]
DHU DHE News Thumbnail
Digital Health Uptake (DHU) is a new initiative by the European Commission which is implemented by an international consortium of seven partners representing research organisations, businesses as well as […]
News Kick Off 01
Seven partners jointly launched the Digital Health Uptake (DHU) project, bringing together a group of research organisations, businesses as well as intergovernmental and multistakeholder associations at EU, national and […]